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Optimization in 4 steps ! Indispensable for anyone who has already used laminated panels for exterior cladding, facades, etc.


Export panel list via cadwork module list.
4 steps: Storage / Panel management / Optimization / Results !

Define business dimensions from your supplier.

Panel management
Importing the list of panels to be cut.

Definition of cutting thickness, postage and computing power parameters.

Display of results in graphical form and list with percentages of fall and export to pdf.

It doesn't get more complicated than that!



Save money by optimizing the start of your panels with our Optipanels software.
Define all commercial dimensions from your supplier.

Getting started

Easy to handle, a simple tutorial video of a few minutes will be enough to train you.


Can be used with cadwork or other software through the .csv format, it is also possible to enter a parts list manually without the use of CAD/CAM software.


By minimizing your falls, you are doing something for the environment.


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