C-CONNECT Assemble with precision and speed! Quickly and easily position your rod assemblies in compliance with Eurocode standards


Bolts, pins, screws, spikes, studs...

What you design must be connected? C-CONNECT allows you to add fastening pins, taking into account the rules for centre distances and clamps according to the fastener chosen and the parts to be assembled.

Time saving

From a single shear assembly to a ring of bolts, save time and precision while connecting your library of assembly pins... deactivate or reactivate the connectors you wish to model with a simple click with a direct preview in 3D.

Safety and verification

The calculation results of the clamps and centre distances according to the Eurocodes or Sia are displayed in real time for each connector. If the permissible value is exceeded, the connector is highlighted in red... With the help of simple cursors, reposition your connectors in the right places to respect the standards.


Visit our dedicated C-CONNECT  website.