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    Simulez et optimisez vos chargements !

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    L’optimisation en 4 étapes ! Indispensable pour quiconque ayant déjà mis en oeuvre des panneaux stratifiés pour revêtements extérieurs, façades, etc.

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    C-FASTER est un outil puissant traduisant votre modèle de conception 3D cadwork en un modèle de calcul exploitable dans la suite de logiciel Acord-Express / Acord-Bat. Les informations essentielles – appuis, matériaux, sections, entraxes sont exportés vous permettant ainsi d’optimiser votre temps d’étude.

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    Joinery tool center – JTC

    Gagnez en rapidité pour la création de vos projets d’agencements. Conception simple et intuitive à partir de volume de référence. Réalisez des présentations 3D adaptées aux souhaits de votre clientèle sans perte de temps.

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    Assemblez avec précision et rapidité !

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Caddev accompanies your company 's evolution

Specific development brings many advantages to a company. By being perfectly adapted to internal processes, the resulting software meets the exact needs, without consuming resources for unnecessary functions.
It also makes it possible to create a complete system that can be enriched as the company evolves.
When the company's activity or its processes are particularly original, specific development provides a complete and scalable response.
Client management, resource optimization, specific programming, Caddev will be able to meet your needs.


Our solutions
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Simplify the most complex requests, improve your resource management and optimize your work sites and time.

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We develop a programming interface specially dedicated to your needs, which, coupled with your existing systems, will allow you to increase productivity and better manage your worksites.


Create a customized solution that will precisely match your needs. Design, ergonomics and functionalities, choose from A to Z the specificities of your IT development: software, CRM, ERP, Intranet, Extranet, ...

Our works

Optimization in 4 steps ! Indispensable for anyone who has already used laminated panels for exterior cladding, facades, etc.
Simulate and optimize your loads! In a simple way, define loading areas for different trailers or containers.
Calculate quickly, calculate correctly! C-FASTER accompanies you by offering you a static calculation model based on your design.
The new generation CRM! All in one and affordable Easy to use No computer knowledge required
Gain speed in the creation of your layout projects. Presentation, design and production with the same tool.
C-CONNECT Assemble with precision and speed! Quickly and easily position your rod assemblies in compliance with Eurocode standards


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